Saturday, 28 October 2017

Wairarapa A&P - My Little (Saddle Hunter) Pony

Today Tempi had her second showing outing and did the Hunter pony flat classes at the Wairarapa A&P. Tempi is now hanging out at Hill Top Equestrian with Sarah and Ruby Liardet and Ruby is doing a lovely job of bringing her on for me. Just quietly I think there is a bit of a mutual appreciation society thing going on with Ruby and Tempi and it's lovely to see the two of them together.

Just three classes today but a very successful outing with a ribbon in each class, particularly rewarding as there was decent competition and the atmosphere at times was quite intense (ponies galloping and cantering up her bum and into her face) but Tempi handled it all very well.


Saddle Hunter over 138cm and not exceeding 148cm. 
Novice Pony (0-2 wins) - 2nd place. 
Novice Pony (0-5 wins) - 4th place. 
Novice Paced and Mannered (0-5 wins) - 3rd place