Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Very boring entry ...

There is not a lot happening around here really. The grass is starting to grow, the horses are moulting buckets (and all, except Reilly, naked now), Strawberry and Queenie have gone back home and Libby is now grazing up the road and across the race from Hamish in preparation for their introduction in the coming weeks. Robbie has settled in back at home well and is loving his twice daily hard feeds - the trip home knocked him quite badly and he lost a lot of weight - and while he puts the kgs back on, I am back on the weight loss wagon (5kg down - 15kg to go *sigh*) in preparation for the coming season.

I had a wee email in my in-box today from the lady who has Hooty at the moment showing a tummy that is very clearly carrying a foal. Too cute! Cannot wait to see what she produces to Reilly and so excited that she will be foaling here.

I still haven't finalised plans for this breeding season but, at this stage, it looks as though most of my girls will have a year off unless I find breeding lease homes for them. Right now I plan to breed Libby to Hamish and that is the only definite. I would LIKE to breed Twinkle to Hamish (she's four now, time to start having babies!) and Maude also back to Hamish (she's 21 now, needs to KEEP having babies) and then there is Hooty (time running out agewise with her to breed using frozen) and Bella (who would have such a gorgeous baby to Robbie) but with the uncertainty of the economy and the current economic climate, I am really hesitant to breed horses to sell (Libby's foal is a keeper).

Robbie's first mare is ready to roll so, once he has gained a few more kgs I will tell her owner to bring her over and we'll get the season underway.

Hoots says 'Hi, got any food?'
Caution, W I D E load!
Foal is due 17 October