Sunday, 31 August 2014

Some XC and SJ Schooling for Toffee

Today Toffee, Louisa and I had an outing to Panorama for a bit of a schooling session. Toffee has her first one day event in a few weeks and hasn't seen any cross country jumps so we thought it might be an idea to show her some! She was a very good girl as usual and aside from a couple of fairly epic exits from the water jump (see outtakes video) and a fair amount of over jumping on the XC, she behaved like a very grown up girl.

Next weekend she has her first dressage competition (just doing the unregistered Level 1 tests) and the following weekend a friend will XC school her for us down at Solway as Louisa is going to be away and then she has her ODE! We will wait and see how her second XC schooling session goes before deciding if we start her in the Introductory or Pre Training class.

Toffee Being Awesome!

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