Monday, 28 June 2010

Winter Blues

Gosh, we are having SUCH a wet awful winter so far and it's not even July yet! We have just basically had eight days of rain (Yo! Noah, I'll book 30 spaces now if that is ok with you, thanks!) and the place is about as wet as I have ever seen it. It is very hard not to get depressed when everywhere you look there is mud or puddles. The dam burst its banks over the weekend and I swear the horses have started to sprout gills and flippers!

But, today the sun shone, halle-bloody-lujah - so I took the opportunity to take some rugs off and make sure everyone was coping ok and I also took Meg out for a ride. We skied down the raceway to the road - I think Meg thought it was fun whereas I, on the other hand, was just waiting for her to get all her legs in a tangle and come down in a great heap on top of me! Fortunately we stayed upright and had a hack up the road. Hamish heard us coming and came full tilt down the paddock to the fence. We couldn't see him because of the trees but Meg and I could both hear him! Slosh, sliiiiiiide, slosh! Yuck!

I took some snaps of Meg in the shed pre ride (not all that clean but not too bad - I did water blast her legs before we went out in public) so will share a couple of those and there are a few of some of the other horses on the place in all their muddy midwinter mud-puppy glory.

Hooty & baby belly
Meg checking out the view
Meg waiting for food
Meg ready to roll