Saturday, 30 August 2008

Two expectant mums and my little grey stallion

Not really much to report today. Hamish's book is nearly filled with the addition of another mare on Friday. He was his usual amenable self when the mare owner came out to meet him and once again ensured that I was a very proud mum. Here are some pix taken today:

Debi is due in the first couple of weeks in October. As usual she is carrying a little lopsided. I took these pics of her standing at the gate waiting patiently for her hay this morning.

And finally we have Maude whose official due date is Monday (1st Sept) - She's getting closer, that's for sure! The jury's out as to whether she will be on time but she is usually not too far off. This is the fourth foal she will be having for us and Reilly's very first born! Very exciting. I am hoping for a colt because I really need to sell the foal and a filly would be far too tempting to keep!



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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wow, I am a Grandma!

Today a lovely email arrived in my inbox. Five years ago we sold our first homebred (TF Bridie - half sister to TF Bijou & Century's Glee & a full sister to Roxy) to a fantastic farming home up the line a wee way and on Tuesday our baby had a baby all of her own! A delightful filly. I'm a very proud grandma!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Reilly being a pillock in the paddock

I guess I only have myself to blame. The weather has been so atrocious and the ground getting so saturated, that I have been putting Reilly in the yards to get him off the pasture for a bit. I let him out early this evening and he thanked me by proceeding to play silly buggers and act like a complete numpty in his paddock. I went back inside and grabbed the camera and captured a couple of quick video snippets of his antics for everyone to enjoy!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Reilly's new browband

A very kind online buddy of mine sent Reilly a new browband for his work bridle. The ribbon one that it came with is really nice but tends to slip a bit and I just wanted a leather one for everyday riding but was struggling to find something. It arrived today so I chucked it on the bridle and whizzed up to the paddock and popped it on Reilly so I could take a pic for Debz who sent it to me. May as well share the pix with blog readers as I have nothing of interest to write about!

Reilly sans bridle

Reilly in his new browband