Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Video and a few more photos

OK, Brennan has been getting all the airtime lately so I will make a concerted effort to take the focus off him from now on, I promise, but it's so hard as I am seriously quite besotted!! Here's a wee video I made today ...

Quick Video

Brennan gets some Arena Time

Main news for today is that hopefully (fingers, toes, hooves, paws, eyes crossed) Brennan will be headed to Gavin Morison over winter to be started under saddle - Yay! He had his first hoof trim yesterday (in the evening, when it was cool - so after 'arena time') and was a good boy. He was a little suspicious of Nick and even more suspicious of his flappy chaps (which came off) but aside from stepping sideways a few times and being a little 'sniffy' and evasive, he was a very good boy and now his feet look beautiful (thanks Nick!).

Earlier in the day I took him out of his paddock and shoved a running plait and forelock braid in his mane, ran a brush over him (will tackle that tail after he has had a good introduction to Mr Hosepipe) and popped him in the arena for a bit of a trot around. It's very hard to get a horse running around AND take photos so he never REALLY got going but I am still pleased with a number of the photos I managed to get and would like to share a few of my favourites.

Next on the agenda is a decent video to show off his lovely ground covering paces - He is going to be absolutely beautiful to ride, I just know it!

Monday, 1 March 2010

I won a blogging Award!

Firstly a big thank you to Sue, of Living the Good Life who gave me a Beautiful Blogger award:

The rules for accepting this award:

  1. Thank the person that gave you the award
  2. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers (I have chosen 13) you've recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic!
  3. Contact the Bloggers you pick to let them know they've won
  4. State 7 Things about yourself!
1. Thank you Sue xxooxxoo

2. I give the award to:

3. Pending!!

4. Seven things about me:

  • I have been married to Nick for 11 years & we have a six year old daughter
  • We met in England and were both members of 'The Sealed Knot'
  • I love blogging & photography
  • I am living my dream
  • I breed horses & LOVE it!
  • We also have cows, chickens, ducks, goats and one sheep
  • I live 1km down the road from the in-laws and think it's great!

Tack sheds and Ponies ...

Well my instant tack shed (shipping container) is starting to take shape. I still need hooks and shelves and cover racks etc. sorted out but at least 75% of my gear is now out of the bedroom/laundry/kitchen/living room/old shed/garage/car and in the container!

While I was taking photos of the new tack shed, I wandered over to Brennan and took some of him too so, here's the pin up boy from yesterday:

Now we wait for our planning permission to come through and then it will be all systems go on the shed build - woo hoo!!!

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Robbie made it!

Very quick blog to let everyone know that Robbie made it to his new home and family in one piece. His timing is pretty good as one of Sheree's mares came into season today - Pretty sure he knows it too!

I think he smells a girl!
New family
Mmm food
Face still in bucket - that's my boy!