Saturday, 4 February 2012

The latest breeding news

Well our breeding season is now officially over as all our girls are successfully in foal! Last to scan positive during the week was Rei-Huia Bernadette, the gorgeous 16.1HH Irish Sport Horse mare we are leasing from Rei-Huia Sport Horses. Bernie was AI'd to Brennan on the same day as Biwmares Madonna and both mares are due around 21 December this year. Bree, who is in foal to Hamish, is due around the 2nd of October and Hooty, the 18th of December. So far we have two outside mares confirmed in foal to Brennan and we are awaiting news from three other mares. We have leased our amazing Kingsway Diamond mare for a final foal (to Brennan) however on her pre breeding scan she was showing signs of having gone anoestrus so we have decided to leave her this season and start trying nice and early next season. I have every faith that if anyone can get her in foal Victoria from SYENZ can and she certainly (as the photos I have put up today show) is in exceptionally good health!

Maude - 23 years young!

We are still getting stud inquiries and we are still happy to provide semen for AI however would prefer not to take mares for live service unless they can come and short stay or come on a walk in, walk out basis.

We have a lovely German girl, Kirsi, staying with us at present. She has helped entertain herself by riding Meg and Brennan and doing all sorts of helpful things around the farm and the house. It has been so lovely to have such a friendly and proactive visitor - I would like to adopt her but I think her mother and boyfriend might object, hehe. Here are some photos of Kirsi riding my 'kids'.

and last but not least, I have been riding a bit too...

That's all for now folks :o)