Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hamish and Zara

Zara is a five year old NZTB mare by Zed (Zabeel) and out of a Westminster mare. She's come down from Hawkes Bay to be bred to Hamish. I went and took some photos of her for her owner today so she can see how happy and settled she is here with Hamish. Here are my favourites:

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Babies babies babies!

I don't think today's photoblog really requires any further explanation. These shots were all taken in the space of about 10 minutes this afternoon - Just enjoy.

Good news from this week is that Hooty has been scanned in foal to Brennan so, all going well, Ailbhe should have a full brother or sister later this year and Hamish has a lovely young TB mare down from Hawkes Bay who is currently in season and running with him. He has two outside mares in foal from earlier in the season already so, all going well, this will be a third. We will start teasing Misty at the end of the week and she will be scanned early next week if she does not come back into obvious season and if she has taken that will be four from four for Brennan with another mare booked for early February. I wish he was being better utilised but I am thrilled with the quality of mare he is getting  and am sure that, in time, as his foals start getting out and about, his popularity will grow. Snorkel is due to come back into season shortly and I am  now seriously considering putting Brennan over her. It's getting very late for us to breed but I do prefer to have two or more foals at a time as foals love having play mates and I am not convinced that Portia is ever going to cycle whilst she is away at stud which means the chances of a donkey foal for me for next season is getting slimmer and slimmer (sad face). I have a few days to decide ... no pressure, no pressure at all!