Friday, 20 August 2010

Very exciting news!

Have had the call to say that Gavin is ready for Brennan so he is heading off to start his education under saddle this weekend - Woo hoo!!!!

In other news, we took a drive to Wellington today to collect half of the hay we are buying off a friend to top up our supply and hopefully get us through the last of this horrible winter. The remaining hay will be delivered tomorrow - Woot! I am feeling quite relieved to have another 74 bales to play with I can tell you!

Short entry, just wanted to share the 'news'!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lets Befunky

I am so sorry about the lack of blogging. This winter, as I think I may have already mentioned (cue eye roll) has been really getting me down and, quite frankly, I have so little positive to say it seems that for me, it's better to say nothing!

Over the last couple of days I have been playing with a new facebook app I have discovered called 'Befunky' so thought today I would share some of my photos that I have 'befunkied' with everyone.

Not a lot else to share. It has rained, pretty much non stop, since my last post. We may have had a day or two of sunshine but rain clouds and mud puddles are pretty much par for the course right now. Roll on summer I say! Libby is not looking at all imminent even though she will be at 342 days from last date of service in five days. I am picking this will be a September foal and that suits me just fine!

I have decided to have a stud open day in February. It gives me something positive to plan for and look forward to and, as we don't 'do' the stallion parades (they go in the 'too hard' box), it seemed like a great way to encourage people to come and meet the boys and our other horses as well as offer some tempters for next season . I have never done anything like this before so, if anyone has any handy hints, I am all ears! So far I need to organise a portaloo and some helpers and have a good think about how the day is going to work.

I have also decided, in a bid to tempt mare owners to use Brennan, to offer him at a greatly reduced stud fee of $250. He needs some foals on the ground as nothing really advertises a stallion better than the stallion's progeny and I really hope we can encourage owners to bring their quality performance mares to see him.

Some of my photos 'Befunked'