Tuesday, 8 October 2013

TF Holden and TF Finn - Together

I had the opportunity to see two of my boys in action in the same classes at a local show over the weekend. It was quite a proud moment for me and rather lovely to see the two of them line up next to each other. The classes were large (over 20 competitors) and competition was pretty tough but both boys behaved impeccably. In a big line up of horses, many whom were clearly feeling very spring fresh, neither boy put a hoof wrong. I was particularly impressed with Holden who was at his first show and was being ridden by a 14 year old. He was quite the star and just pootled around on a long rein without a care in the world. The classes were show classes and neither boys were ever going to rate a look competitively, especially as the classes were show hack classes (and lets face it, neither of them were bred to be show hacks!!) but they were absolute winners in my eyes. Here are some of the photos: