Saturday, 20 December 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We helped our friends Karen and John put up their Christmas Tree today and during the proceedings Amy offered up this little impromptu performance for us and, as I managed to capture it, I would like to share it. I particularly like the bit towards the end where she has to fight off an attack of the 'smiles' - I think she covers well.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I clambered aboard ...

I'm waiting to hear back from Bree's owner but I think it is 4 or 5 years since she was last ridden. She was very good but we definitely have our first goal - a nice free walk! There was a lot of very slow jog and although I tried to ride her as quietly as I possibly could, I barely managed more than half to three quarters of a 20m circle in walk. Still, it is good to have goals! And, that aside, she was an angel and I think we both enjoyed ourselves. Nick brought the camera out to take a few photos and, here they are. Tomorrow: MORE walk!

Headed down the race
Have an audience
Whoa Bree
Good girl
A walk?
Some more walk?
Seriously Bree, walk!
Argh, look UP woman!
A picture of concentration
Chillin' & relaxin'
Are we done yet?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Sabrina - SO cute!

So today I dragged Bree out of her paddock, gave her a thorough brush, trimmed her mane and tail and popped her on the lunge. Not sure who had the most fun, me or her! She's very cute and trotted around with her little nose down and even popped over a tiny fence. Just 10 minutes today at walk and trot on each rein and tomorrow I will try my old mac boots on her for size and clamber aboard - if she doesn't mind.
Such a pretty girl
Trotting nicely
But THIS is what she loves!
With Bryce
Don't think you are going to see ...
Me jumping this height on her! Canter

Monday, 15 December 2008

Makin' babies

So today it was time to re-introduce Maude and Reilly. Aine was a little perturbed by the change in paddock arrangements and the associated 'goings on' but her best mate Rory is just over the fence and they have been talking to each other lots! Everything went perfectly and Maude was served a few minutes after the re-introduction (Aine is of course by Reilly so Maude and Reilly are already well acquainted). I calculate that this is the 2nd day of her cycle so shall watch them closely for the next few days and mark the calendar and book the vet for her scan - finger's crossed!

I am so happy to be repeating this cross. As many of you already know and some may not realise, Maude does not belong to me but has been on lease with us for the last 8 or so years. Her lovely owner has been living in the UK during this period and has entrusted me with the care of two of her horses (Maude and Sabrina). After our dramas this season we have decided that we will not breeding anything ourselves but Caroline is so impressed with Aine that we are breeding the foal on her behalf. I have had a few emails about Aine since selling her and this foal will most likely be for sale at weaning so if you are interested, you might like to raise your hand now, lol!

We're also trying to find a new home for Caroline's other mare Sabrina (Bates Amalfi). Bree is a talented jumper and was campaigned by Bryce Newman a few year's back before Caroline left for the UK. She's a 12yo TB/Stationbred cross by Balak, out of a very good mare that belonged to Caroline. She is looking for a more low key pleasure/lower level jumping home now. Not because there is anything wrong with her but just because that is the sort of home Caroline would like to see her in. I am very fond of her myself so potential new owners will be vetted quite stringently!!! If you want more details, email me. I will probably put a more formal blog post with photos up about her soon so, watch this space. A lease would be considered.

Miss Bella was scanned today, 18 days from her LDOS and for a brief moment the vet thought she had twinned but, a bit of a jiggle about and only one foetus (a bay colt apparently) jiggled back so we have a nice healthy single pregnancy - YAY! That's two from two so far for Reilly, on the first cycle - good boy! And I have two very happy lease mums!

The family unit X-rated
Pretty Maude
What a couple of posers

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Around the farm pt II

Popped out this evening to tease Maude (she's in - so we have some matchmaking to do tomorrow) and took camera and snapped Reilly and Bella. Bella will be scanned this week (hopefully tomorrow) so finger's crossed she is 'with child'.

Reilly free
Reilly poncin'
Bella stretchin'
Bella says 'Hi!'

Around the farm

A pretty quiet day on the farm today so I popped out and took a few photos. Not everyone stars as I was too lazy to capture everyone on film but here are a few of the 'kids' today.
Double trouble!
New boy - Washington
TwinkleTwink & Meg
Meg - so like her mum
Hamish the hottie
Rory & Aine cuddles