Monday, 15 June 2009

Reilly is green as grass but he tries SO hard ...

Reilly is just cuteness personified. Today he got to play over some wee jumps. He is so honest and tries so hard, even if he is currently jumping like a muppet because he hasn't quite figured out where his legs should go. He's so brave tho and would not dream of stopping, even if mum chucks an old doona over on the ground under the jump or on the jump pole itself - does he care, nope! Meg was being a complete idiot in the next paddock but Reilly ignored her completely! Clearly he is maturing nicely. I managed to snap off a couple of long distance Clydesdale handstands at the same time as taking the pix of Reilly.

Look mum, only one hand!

Reilly and Bernie have liftoff
Practice makes perfect
Up 'n over
Baby steps - look at my ears, I am trying so hard!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

How can I do this?

This very sexy beast is a RID stallion standing at Icarus Park in Australia and he is being frozen and will be available in NZ from August. Goddamm it! He's a fantastic outcross stud with a super temperament and JUST the type of horse I adore. Look at that bone, look at that expression, look at that substance and he's a grey and sabino to boot! Would someone please tell me how I can achieve this because I'm having a little trouble working it out! Ideally I am looking for a stallion for Hooty for next season (she will have foal at foot and will be grazing off the property so logistics are going to be a little tricky but I don't want her empty for a season at her age so I will just have to work it out). Gah, what is it with friends who put such temptation before me - curse you Chris!!!!

Baltydaniel Breeze RID

Maxi starts to learn about jumping

I swear Maxi is just about the cutest little pony that ever walked this earth! Today he gave Amy a ride and then Bernie hopped on and again worked on teaching him about being ridden off the lead rein. He's really picking it all up fast and is moving off the leg beautifully. We finished today's ride off with a little session over jumps. Clearly he LOVES to jump and certainly believes in giving the jump some air.

Lead rein pony
Cantering is fun!
Ooo I can do this with a rider too!
Not gunna touch those poles!
Yippeeee! What fun!
and yes, Bernie's gumboots did fall off ...