Friday, 25 September 2009


Today Hooty was dropped off so that she can foal here and Pippa arrived for Robbie so, it's all on here. Unfortunately the arrival of both mares coincided with the arrival of (much needed) rain which meant that Reilly took the opportunity to completely TRASH his new paddock 'showing off' for the ladies *sigh*.

Hooty looks fabulous and Keryn who is leasing her has clearly taken wonderful care of her whilst she has been living with her - It's so nice to know that she has been pampered and loved while she was away and I was lucky to get regular photos and emails letting me know how she was getting on - Leases really can work!

Pippa was covered within minutes of being re-introduced to Robbie so, fingers and toes crossed, that Pippa's owners now have another lovely Robbie foal is in the making.

Note for myself - Libby's LDOS was 20.09.09 so, if she has conceived, we will have a due date of 25.08.10.

The grass in Hooty's paddock - Good for mares and foals!
Hooty eating the grass in her paddock!
Awww, welcome back girl
Robbie makin' a move on Pippa

Sunday, 20 September 2009

San Barbados has taken a tumble ...

but he hasn't fallen from grace, rather it would appear he has fallen over and hurt himself or been bashed into (by a certain orange yearling Irish gelding who thinks he's 'the man'), damn! Bados is 28 years old and will be 29 on the 1st of January next year and he's my horse hero, my equine rock, my 'one in a million' super special boy and I adore him! He's not allowed to hurt himself because he's going to live forever!

He's very cross with me right now because I have taken him away from 'his' babies, Aine and Rory because they play too rough plus I keep visiting him and poking at him. My friend Jane has very kindly loaned (I would buy one but it is out of the budget at present sadly) me her 'Back on Track' back pad so he is wearing that for a few hours every day plus he is on anti inflammatory medication. I am going to try and get a therapist to him as soon as possible as well. I have everything crossed this is just a blip on the radar of his life.

Beautiful Bados
His current standing position
It seems this is more comfy
Gorgeous BOT model