Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hay's in!

Hay cutting is pretty much the most stressful few days of my year and, it is over for another year. Hooray! We have around 450 bales in the shed. 170 bales cut off here (pretty bad, considering we got 420 off the same area last year - just shows how little rain we have had!), 160 bales from the standing hay we had cut in town, 50 bales that we bought in and around 70 bales we had left from what we bought in last season. As we are de-stocking cows and will be down on horse numbers this coming winter, that should be plenty. However, I might try and source another fifty or so if I can find it at a good price - just in case!

I moved all three mares and their foals into one of the hay paddocks today - love watching the foals become acquainted with each other. Ciara and Snorkel have been in neighbouring paddocks for the last few weeks so already very aware of each other but Aisling has been a few paddocks over, often out of sight, so she was very much the new kid. It was so sweet to see them all taking turns to have mutual grooming sessions when I went out a few hours later to harrow their paddocks.

Happy grazing buddies
Aisling checks out the view whist Meg scratches her butt on the gate
Maude shows off to her audience
Aisling wants to be friends
Hooty gives Maude a 'High 5'
Hay - bay 1
Hay - Bay 2

Reilly sounds like he is going well for Kim in Wellington and should start jumping this coming week - I can't wait to hear how that goes! He's six years old now so well and truly ready.