Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Welcome home Robbie

Well Robbie is back from his holidays serving mares up north and it is lovely to have him back in our paddocks. He's looking a tiny bit the worse for wear after being 'on the road' for nearly a week but I am sure after a few good night's sleep in his old paddock and a belly full of food he will be feeling much better. Poor boy was clearly very tired and I doubt the truck driver getting stuck up our road for half an hour helped! Then it took 10 minutes to get the door to open and then he had to stand at the top of the ramp for ages before he was allowed to walk off - such a good boy, did everything he was told and was a complete angel. Love ya Rob and it's so nice to have you home.

Um, don't try and turn around there Mr Truck Driver

Robbie really just wanted to get off and eat!

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