Monday, 24 August 2009

Go Reilly Go!

Today I popped the poles up a bit and gave him a spread. It seems the bigger, the better as far as Reilly is concerned. Unfortunately the young woman who was going to ride him for me this season is no longer able due to work and her own horse commitments but we are working on an alternative so hopefully things will fall into place in time.

Meanwhile, today I stood in the middle of the paddock and took photos and video as Reilly took himself around and around and around over the jumps! I had to stop him in the end! Didn't want him doing himself a mischief. He really enjoyed himself though and is starting to show better form in front which is great (was beginning to wonder if that was ever going to happen). I cannot wait to see him doing this with a rider. I think Show Hunter will be a good place to start him - I am sure he will love it and he has a nice natural rhythm.

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