Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The new kid on the block and Maxi's big adventure

Maxi has only ever been ridden by Amy. I am about 40kg too heavy for him and I have never had the opportunity to put a small rider on him, until now. Bernou is not short, she is the same height as me BUT she is slim as a slim thing and she offered to hop on and introduce him to the joys of being ridden off the lead rein.

OMG was he cute or what?! Walk, trot and canter and a big adventure over the farm, including right up the hill into the top paddock in the wind. What a fantastic pony, he took it all in his stride (which is quite big for one so small). He's going to be such a great little pony for Amy as he is so kind and quiet. We're very lucky to have him here!

I had a lovely ride on Meg late morning/early afternoon and we nearly had a gallop! I took her up through the back paddocks and we trotted and cantered around and had a blast. Definitely loving my hairy clompety!

Saffron arrived at 3.15pm this afternoon and is now safely tucked up in the yards WITH HER MOTHER!!! Seems Majestic were not aware that Missy was to go on to Alfredton and the home of my friend Rachael, even though this had been, I thought, discussed and agreed upon. Obviously a wire was crossed somewhere but driver definitely not interested in taking her any further so poor Rachael and Grant are headed here to borrow our float and take her to her final destination *sigh*.

Photos of Saffy once the rain fecks off back to where it came from! Grrr!

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