Thursday, 21 May 2009

Meet Saffron

So there is snow LOW on the Tararua mountains today and the weather over the last few days has been nothing short of absolutely HIDEOUS! Saffy and Libby have been sharing the yards because I have not wanted to put her out in the paddock with the mob until I am sure she is ready. She spent the first 24 hours thinking about jumping out (don't think I have ever seen a horse stand on its hind legs for so long except when watching the Spanish riding school horses do their levades!), bless her. She has settled now and I let her out for a quick pick at the grass and a run around this morning between FREEZING showers. I had my camera so took a few photos. I can't wait to show off what is under that cover as she is a very beautiful little girl but, that will have to wait!

A little airtime
New friends
Nose up!
Libby playing mom and watching over her charge

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