Sunday, 25 January 2009

Meg practising being a grown up girl

So boring, very little worth writing about and too hot to get out much and take photos so all I have is these three little offerings of Meg practising being a grown up 'pony' with her sheet and tail bag on. This week she has had two introductions to the hosepipe, a brief reintroduction to the horse float, a reintroduction to hard feed (her absolute favourite!), a hoof trim, about 2' cut off her tail and she now knows all about wearing a tail bag.

I am deciding what colours to show her in at the moment. Her mum and dad were always shown in black and white and silver but I want something different for Meg and am thinking about purple and orange. Both colours go nicely with black plus, they're bright and funky, just like our Meg. So, this week I will trundle into town and visit the craft shop and see what I can get ribbon and wool wise in these colours. I will also see if I can find our show gear from the last time we competed the clydies or I will have to grab some more florist wire as well. In the past we left Debi's mane au naturale rather than rolling it but I think, as long as Meg obliges, I will put a nice roll in her mane. I want to make a real effort - if I am going to do this, I want to do it well!

I have been researching tail plaiting for undocked tails since it will not be possible to roll her tail like we could with Debi/can with Robbie. I think I will give her sprigs and a roll and then just brush out the bottom section of tail. Will be practising a bit over the next couple of weeks I guess. Might take photos of various experiments and ask for some feedback.

I have managed to score a couple of pairs of black dress pants off a trader on Trade Me so the in-hand outfit is sorted. I will do the turnout and 'Best Footed' class and leave the filly and walking class to Nick. Two classes each - sounds fair to me!
Hmm, it appears that my bucket is empty! Does my bum look big in this?
OK, so where's the food then?

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