Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The good stuff

Grabbed Nick and the camera and went out to handle the feral foals for some photos earlier. Was particularly proud of Aine who, I must admit, has had little handling in recent weeks. Rory is such an 'in yer face' character I don't have to worry about doing anything much with him as he is so chilled out. Aine is not bad, just a little more thoroughbreddy (for want of a better term) than her little mate.

I hope that for some seeing some of these photos illustrates just how gentle stallions can be and how happy and content living in a herd situation can make them. Reilly is a really laid back boy but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that he lives in a natural environment with other horses. I know that for some people with stallions, this is not an option and I respect any stallion owner who can keep a happy, healthy stallion, no matter how they do so but we can graze our boys with their mares and foals so we do so. We choose to do this because it fits in with our personal breeding philosophy and I believe we grow vibrant, healthy, well adjusted young horses and have happy mares and stallions because of the lives they lead here.

I hope you enjoy today's photos.

Rory rushes up to greet me with a kiss
Getting bigger
Rory love his mum's Low GI
and he is big on kisses!
Yet another kiss
What's going on over there?
Aine, captured!
Aine enjoys a scratch
Upsy daisy
Near fore
Me and my boy
Something funny Reilly?
Reilly wants in - Father and daughter

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