Friday, 21 May 2010

Lagan needs jingles

I haven't had a good day and neither has Nicky who has my lovely Lagan on lease. He's been a little off colour for about 24 hours so the vet checked him over this morning. Massively high temperature - so high that John took his glasses out to double check the reading as he couldn't believe it. First thought was peritonitis but he didn't seem quite sick enough for that. Bloods were taken and they came back this afternoon with a white cell count of 0.3 and platelets level of 0 - Yes, that's zero! So, what this points to is cancer. He might have a nasty virus dessimating his system and right now, that is the best case scenario. The blood results are very sinister.

Lagan is supposed to grow very, very old here with me. It's not yet his time. Please jingle for him.


  1. Jingles for Lagan, its definitely NOT his time!

  2. Aww poor man! Fingers crossed and lots of 'jingles' (Psst what are they? Are they like prayers but for atheist??) ;-D

  3. We're jingling hard for Lagan, so sorry to read this Lou.