Tuesday, 19 January 2010

An example of why we breeders prefer to hide our yearlings ...

OK, so there is a lot not to love about yearlings. They're gorky and gangly, downhill and ewe necked, round of belly with annoyingly obvious ribs and pointy of rump and I could go on BUT there is also a lot to love about them...

We can catch glimpses of the swan that will eventually emerge once the ugly duckling down has been shed and we can enjoy their engaging and enquiring personalities as we watch them interact with the herd and, meh, who am I kidding ... yearlings and should be hidden from view, period, haha!

Here's Rory today, aged 15 months. Um, enjoy ...

Noble steed
Still my little boggle-eyed boy
Walking (and looking like he might fall over)
Red goes faster
Broad chested boy
Downhill boy trots downhill
And a reminder of just how cute he was ...

Aww, who am I kidding, he's still damned cute!

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