Friday, 26 December 2008


Hamish got lucky for Christmas as Minty (Naazarene) came into season. So, they were introduced and, it was love at first sight and now Minty is following Hamish around the paddock, completely besotted. I had to take 'Girl' out as she was refusing to let Hamish anywhere near Minty - what is it with these pain in the a$$ maiden mares this year?! But, once she was out of the equation, everything went swimmingly.

Minty and her boy
Follow the leader
Pretty Minty
Pas de deux
I WISH this was in focus!

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  1. Hamish and Minty look like they're meant for each other. Wonderful pictures, doesn't the 'hay paddock' help with the whole romantic setting. What a whole bundle of happy conincidences with Minty coming into season on Christmas Day and they being due to go into that picturesque paddock and you being there at the right time to get wonderful shots. Well done.