Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bye bye Kenzles

Today was a sad day for Nick, Amy and I as we farewelled our beautiful MacKenzie. Kim and her partner made the journey from the Kapiti coast today and, after spending a couple of hours wandering about meeting the horses and having lunch, it was time to load her up and send her on her way.

I find this final farewell the hardest part of the sale process as it is very much the severing of the cord that binds us to each other. I know Kenzie has gone to the very best home and I know she will be loved and cared for wonderfully but she will leave quite a gap here. Such a people orientated horse with such a cheeky personality - she is always the first to the gate when we go out to see them and her big white face is going to be missed dreadfully. I have seen her nearly every single day of her life since her birth 10 months ago and it will certainly feel very strange not seeing her tomorrow.

I only took a couple of photos as the lense of the camera was awfully blurry - here's the best of a bad bunch:

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